10 October 2007

Ralph-Michael Chiaia's Publishing History (As of May 2011)

January 2011-May 2011
Glyphic Blog (rss'd to Facebook Notes) 

May 2011
Poetry Forum at Madswirl.com

February 2010
For Monks Only

June 2009
Clockwise Cat

The Poetry Warrior
"(there's a funny photo of me from my Korean Driver's license. I look like a mass murderer)

For Monks Only Blog

December 2008
One Poem (for Daniel Tammet)
For Monks Only 

November 2008
read by Andy Riverbed, poet

October 2008
Ink, Sweat & Tears
*these are question- and answer-based haikus without a set number of syllables. Each line is one breath. See the note on the site

Yellow Mama

September 2008
Bats (a short movie shot in Gunung Mulu, Borneo, Malaysia)

August 2008
Poetic Diversity
*check out the bio they made for me, one of the best i've been a part of!

Two Poems: "Waiting to Shower" and "Closing Time"
Clockwise Cat

July 2008
What is Kiblat?
Yellow Mama
(a fiction, a fact)

June 2008
Instructions on Calming Allergies--
Yellow Mama
(never mind the formatting troubles, the piece is funny!)

What is poetry, anyway?
Mad Swirl Poetry Forum
(1st alter-ego revealed)

May 2008
Singapore side-street
Ink, Sweat & Tears

April 2008
3 Poems about Jin-a
We should all be cynics
Ink, Sweat, and Tears
February 2008
The Chartreuse Album
*originally in The East Hampton Star

January 2008
All Day
Cerebral Catalyst

December 2007
Clockwise Cat
November 2007
Phnom Penh
Zygote in My Coffee (4th Print Edition)
 able online at the Zygote Bookstore
October 2007
Ten Poems About East Asia
Cerebral Catalyst
September 2007
The Sweetest Thing
Cerebral Catalyst
The Chartreuse Album
The East Hampton Star
*not available online, see Feb 2008 to see it published online

May 2007
Beautiful Almost
The East Hampton Star Print Edition
*not available online

The Weed God
The East Hampton Star Print Edition
*not available online

She's Got the Jimjams
The Sidewalk's End

September 2006 
First ¶
DecomP Magazine

November 2005
Prologue: Glyphic
Anatomy of a Phone
Zygote in My Coffee
Onion Ring Funeral
Thieves Jargon

May 2005
Pillow Talk with My Girl
Word Riot
Part of the novella-in-verse Glyphic. This sections deals with the two revolutionaries, Cris & Paco, and how they met each other. It is all a story to the girl to whom he speaks. Or is it?

March 2005

Not a lot going on for Ra writing-wise. At least not that he can remember.
August 2003
Searching Instructions
Word Riot
A man's obsessive search for one strand of hair.

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