07 December 2008

One Poem

Another reason I struggle to write
for Daniel Tammet

tak tak hye yo
is so hard
refreshes me on
a hot day
in Cambodia
tak tak
keeps me grateful
in Sweden
I roll over and squeeze
my sleeping pollo, le
achi, novia, yeoja chingu's
chi chis and thinki:
they are budeureoun campanas
like big soft, smooth soothing bells

I'll write this down
and share it.
my biggest fan, a tiny
furry purring horse, who loves
to kick sand around, jumps up
rubs her head against the pen

impromptu word dictionary found here

1 comment:

  1. Good environment and nice place to write is a big factor when it comes to writing.But for you,you can still right good poem no matter what.


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