08 December 2008

Companion to One Poem (previous post)

Words in the previous post, One Poem, made easy by the off-the-top-of-my-head dictionary.

taktakhyeyo - hard (korean)
budeureoun - smooth, suave (korean)
tak - water (khmer)
tak - thank you (swedish. properly spelled "tack")
campanas - bells (spanish)
le achi - the man (mistakenly thought to mean "the woman" by the other, which is actually "le axoq." (k'iche')
yeoja chingu - girlfriend (korean)
novia - girlfriend (Spanish)
pollo - lover (Mexican Spanish)
chi chi - breasts (Mexican Spanish, Korean, Japanese)


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  2. This poem is in honor of Daniel Tammet's extraordinary linguistic abilities. While playing around with learning Kiche, Spanish, and Korean myself I encountered something. I want to share a bit of the sheer joy of words and their sounds and their many meanings.


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