17 March 2008

Typical Conversation

The Photo (on the left)
This is a photo of me in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I was trying to pet this monkey and it didn't like me, I guess. If you look closely you'll see it's mouth is wide open as it was kind of hissing and growling at me. It was very cute until the moment the camera went click. Then it went momentarily psycho. I jumped back right after the shot. I am fine. Don't worry, it didn't attack. It just started to chew on a plastic water bottle. (Video coming next week!)

Literary Chaos Magazine
Lit Chaos Issue 34 is out now. I have a short movie included called "the Umbrella". It features a moment of life in Seoul. This is part of the Lit Chaos Collaborative Project which came out pretty good. There are poems, fiction, artwork, and a movie. Click on the above link to be directed to it. One piece of advice, read the first page as fast as you can. Thanks for visiting.

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