16 June 2008

Biography of Chiaia and Review of his work

"Chiaia’s formalistic experiments appeal to our curiosity, but his experiments in conjuring a familiar world in a personal language are compelling." Clarence Wolfshohl

"The poet is adept at mixing haiku with spontaneous bop prosody, stark visual illumination with a playful lyrical sense, resulting in effects that are the products of the paralogical discipline exemplary of all fine art. At times an otherworldly light shines through the lines and one can almost see the face of the poet caught in the mesh of time, unconscious of being glimpsed by a future self in anticipation of its emergence from the deep sleep of meditation upon its own reflection in the still waters of what Lorca called 'dark sounds.'" Joe La Rosa

Chiaia is a unique trip-hoppy visionary of language and this book (Ten & Ampersands) encompasses war and peace, lyricism and death, and hit or miss mixes with strangers, especially women." Lo Galluccio

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