28 June 2008

What kind of music do I like? (Do you wanna ride, tonight?)

A lot of people have been asking me what my favorite kind of music is recently, so I figured I'd let you have a listen. Those of you who know me know all about how I love hip-hop, especially Biggie Smalls, but that is all secondary to Parliament/Funkadelic, the P. Funk, the bomb, who I've seen numerous times in concert, chatted with, hung out with, and even flirted with (Parlet, yeah! A.k.a the brides of Funkenstein).

"Well they say the bigger the headache the bigger the pill. Well, call me the Big Pill!"

"Aint nothin' good unless you play with it. So excuse us a minute while we play with it. Dig!"

(Check out the outfits, one dude is actually wearing a diaper, that's right. "All that is good is nasty!")

All though the guitar playing above is as said like he hooked his guitar to an exploding star and let the universe shine on, the recording quality is garbage, so you may want to listen to this one as well (not Eddie Hazel, but Mike Hampton on guitar for you real funkadelics you know what I mean):

Throw in a little James Brown with Bootsy Collins:

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