04 September 2008

Sittin' on Google's Chrome

"I click click my heels, and good is how it feels
Theres no place like home and chrome on ya wheels"
Masta Ace

Google Chrome is out and I've downloaded it and suggest you to do too (Chrome Download). It's much lighter and faster than Internet Explorer and Firefox. I always like simple things. This is the Hemingway sentence of browsers. IE is like a Nikolai Gogol sentence (no reference to Google) filled with semi-colons, commas, and ands. When surfing the web, simple is clearly better.

Anyway, those of you new to Chrome and interested in learning to use some of it's features. You can watch Chrome's Videos on its different features. However, keep in mind that Firefox 3 might have Chrome's best features in it already. See for yourself at Firefox has Chrome's Key Features.

Chrome has some incredible "about" pages that offer you some very cool information. Check out the a very cool one by typing in "about:internets" (this link will only work from Chrome). I think I agree with some of the comments and posts that Chrome is likely to take over the industry.

Have a list of shortcuts in Chrome. Many shortcuts such as (Ctrl+z) "undo" remain the same as in most programs. In other words, Chrome is highly intuitive. So if you have intuition you may skip this list:

New Shortcuts:
Task Manager-------------------------------------Shift+Esc
New Incognito Window----------------------------Ctrl+Shift+N
Regular Shortcuts:
Bookmark This Page-----------------------------Ctrl + D
Bookmarks---------------------------------------Ctrl + B
New Incognito Window----------------------------Ctrl+Shift+N
Downloads----------------------------------------Ctrl + J
Help----------------------------------------------No keys
History-------------------------------------------Ctrl + H
Page Source--------------------------------------Ctrl + U
Print---------------------------------------------Ctrl + P
Refresh Page-------------------------------------F5
Refresh Page & Cache----------------------------Ctrl + F5
Save Page As-------------------------------------No keys
Back---------------------------------------------Alt + Left Arrow
Down One Line-----------------------------------Down
Down One Page-----------------------------------PageDown
File Open-----------------------------------------Ctrl + O
Find in page--------------------------------------Ctrl+F
Forward------------------------------------------Alt + Right Arrow
Home Page----------------------------------------Alt + Home
Jump to Address Bar------------------------------Ctrl + L
Jump to Search Bar(opens search bar in the address bar)--Ctrl + K
Page Bottom---------------------------------------End
Page Top------------------------------------------ Home
Tab Close------------------------------------------ Ctrl + W
Tab New------------------------------------------ Ctrl + T
Tab Next------------------------------------------Ctrl + Tab
Tab Previous-------------------------------------- Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Tab Select-----------------------------------------Ctrl + [1 - 9]
Up One Line--------------------------------------- Up
Up One Page---------------------------------------PageUp
Window Close--------------------------------------Alt + F4
Window New---------------------------------------Ctrl + N
Copy-----------------------------------------------Ctrl + C
Cut-------------------------------------------------Ctrl + X
Task Manager--------------------------------------Shift+Esc
Text Size Decrease----------------------------------Ctrl + -
Text Size Increase----------------------------------Ctrl + +
Text Size Default------------------------------------Ctrl + 0
Undo------------------------------------------------Ctrl + Z

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