05 November 2010

Ode to Cunts

Peeing now I see a big cabbage in the lines
    of water sprinkle, wake, and ripple
    a mid-bowl tsunami
    oceans of notions, Rushdie?
    or at least just a sea of pee,
and that blue dye
A magic carpet with a meditating man:
    the counter culture karma compulsive cunt police
Insert photo here: “stoned cunts on chairs”
    and below it insert copy:
The texture of this piece as seen expressed thematically in the artists works thus far, said part has gained radiant depth and an unconscious appreciation and manifestation of the atmosphere
poems at the bottom of emails spam through the Internet—high speed 2bit virtual daredevils
Ads by Goodle, Dooble, Kabooble #FOOCC 258x250 pop out
Quick! Click them down! Concentrate! Concentrate!
They’re on the loose to make you stagnate:
music on buses, announcements on subways, musak, news anchors, cell phone bells, blings, bleeps, deeps, pacheeps, and rings, klaxons, buzzes, neurons, audio toxins these tocsins
all to distract you—in cahoots with your hobbies, families, jobs, worries—from being you
Don’t ever say it in North America: Cunt! says the meditating man with vibrating head—cunt police task force
Remember story of man saying, “you, sir, are impolite!” (link to: http://you sir are impolite.html if only you’d said:
“You, sir, are a stark raving mad cunt.”


  1. that's a fucking poem. move over bukowski!

  2. very impressive and expressive poem.nice one!


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