19 May 2011

Over Alaska 2002

Over Alaska

The second movie ends
I’m between life
Continent and you’re there
Dinner time
Thoughts of a husband
At your back
Thoughts of me before you
Flying across the Bering Sea
To that other life
Our loves like two alphabets
That float near
But never join
As the slight tunings of instruments
In an orchestra
I write on this old map
That you gave me
On the folded stowaway tray
In turbulence
But maybe this map
Will help me find the way back
To peace and something
We had quietly
In our time together.

19 December 2002

I have been doing some housekeeping and desktop cleaning and found this buried in the D: drive somewhere? 


  1. Hey buddy... Nice working with every point in your blog, keep it up. keep coming with new ideas, coming again soon.

  2. Home is where your heart is. Wherever one goes he or she always goes back to where he ll started.

  3. Once a writer always a writer. That's what it is. You found your old treasure.


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