16 May 2011

Reinstated at Mad Swirl | How's my viscosity?

Ra! Gabriel, my alter-ego, mon nom de plume, mi nombre guerrillero, my pseudonym, my aka, me, him, you, we has been reinstated at madswirl.com in their Poetry Forum. After over a year hiatus they have taken me back (even though they usually eliminate you after a year of inactivity leaving an old poet assassinated). Mad thanks to Mad Swirl for their Mad Swirlie-love. If i was maudlin, i'd be on the verge of tears now, but i haven't been drinking and i'm kinda solid. If Christiano Larseni is reading, how's my viscosity bro? Still thick and sticky?

Also, thanks to everybody who took the time to read the installments of Glyphic

1 comment:

  1. Keep it up! Don't stop doing what you like to do or love to do! Poet,will always be a poet!


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