26 February 2012

Checking in

I did 50 chin ups on Friday. Today is Sunday and I'm incredibly sore. I'm working on the book about opening a business in Korea. I'm thinking of calling "Tips for Opening a Business in Korea" so that it seems really normal and functional and helpful, but is actually a great dreamy, dramatic, story. I want to include chapters on different themes such as miscommunication between foreigners and Koreans, and get some of the little nuggets I hear as a bartender. A guy told me a story of how he lost the tip of his finger in an old lawn mover at a gold course. They have different mowers for the green, ruff, fairway, and walkway. He was using an old one so when he disegaged and pulled the bucket up the blades kept spinning. He was wearing gloves (it was a cold Canadian morning at 4 a.m.) and the machine pulled in the gloves and bent his fingers backwards. For six hours the doctor fixed his hand and cut off the tip of one finger little by little. They gave him no anesthesia because they needed him to say where he was losing feeling so the doctor knew how much to cut off. He says that at one point he was bitching and feeling bad for himself and the doctor said "Last week I had to cut an eleven-year-old's finger's almost completely off, so shut your mouth."

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