10 May 2012

Fuck Knuckles by Ralph-Michael Chiaia

he is upset
because when his girlfriend
found out that the cops
knew they had hash
up their ass
she roped her neck

he is upset
because he wants to be a Father Figure
and i guess he is, drunk
forgetting the names of the Greek
Finance Minister who he Despises
and calls Fuck Knuckle

he is upset
because nobody buys him as father figure
trying to protect these girls
who want to taste a bit of the Exotic and Erotic
whether they are drunk or not

I am upset
I watch the bar
learning what drives customers
what they hide below canned Speeches, Jokes, and Cliches
what most people consider intelligence

these girls are upset
their English skill isn't more passable
to lower the inhibitions, they are aware of the men
that men want women -- that women want men
the nature of all interaction focused on this fact
and drink

he is upset
because there's nothing he can do
these girls will make the same choices over and over
and go home with the wrong guy again and again

he is upset
because there's nothing he can do to undo
the knot around her neck

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