07 May 2012

Some blogs I like

I was telling Tony in the bar a few days ago about this blog called Defenestrations. I am a big fan of tumblr blogs because I like the ease of sharing things that you like and the fact that there's no length restriction like on Twitter. That said, I'm also a big fan of Clara Ng's one sentence short stories. Clara Ng writes in Bahasa Indonesia (throw it into Google Translate, it's only one sentence at a time) and/or in English.

Defenestrations, by J.R.R, first caught my eye because she wrote a bit that she feels fortunate to be able to make money doing one of two things that she's good at and is still surprised when people pay her for her writing. J.R.R says she makes a great cup of coffee and can turn a phrase. I asked, "Isn't making coffee more remunerative?" Tumblr has a great Ask function.

While talking about Tumblr blogs, I have to big up my own Tumblr blog and Literary Chaos.

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