30 November 2012

New Book by RMC coming soon

Jina's computer crashed. I have reformatted it but lost most of the information on it: photos, documents, music, videos, blah blah blah. I have tried to write a novel, a meta-fiction, about opening a business in Korea. There are so many funny things I have to say. Each time I write some of this the computer I am on crashes. It is like someone doesn't want me to speak the truth about RAndy's.

Anyway, I did not back up that piece, but luckily I did back up just about everything else that I have. I think I am finally learning.

I have finished writing and arranging The Sacred Calendar (my new book of poems). We are in the process of putting the book into a little bit of context and then I leave it up to my editor/publisher. He is still thinking of a name for this brand new publishing company. I may be the first title they release. I am quite excited about it. Next up is getting Glyphic published and then starting work on Rice Bowl o' Mallard, the Mayan Lullaby (maybe my last Maya-related piece), and then Cutting Limes with Steel Chopsticks (the book about opening RAndy's).

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