23 March 2008

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Anyone who signed up for the For Monks Only's RSS feed (my Yahoo, igoogle, or My AOL) before 23 March, please do so again. The chiclets (or small, sweet images) are on the right column of this page (see "My Yahoo" example below). They weren't linked to the right blog until 23 March 2008 -- sorry about that. All is well now. These chiclets conveniently provide new headlines from this blog directly in your homepage. I use igoogle, but it's up to you. For your information, 48% of my visitors use yahoo, 37% use google, 13% use aol, and less than 1% use others.


I remember there was a group of freshmen girls who were considered popular in my high school. They called themselves the chiclets. Some older girls then started calling themselves trident or bazooka or something. Very West Side Story.

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