06 April 2008

"Genius book." --Lo Galluccio | Ten Poems about East Asia & Kitsch Nebula Ampersands And

See a new review for my chapbook -- Ten Poems & Ampersands. Lo Galluccio at the Boston Area Small Press Scene had some very nice things to say.

Some great excerpts:
"What’s super-cool though is this book is also full of what I like about experimental work: his code lists, symbols, concrete language and wild juxtapositions of great post-modern verse."

"Chiaia is a unique trip-hoppy visionary of language and this book encompasses war and peace, lyricism and death, and hit or miss mixes with strangers, especially women. It’s cover is forest green swirled with an image of a battleship the color of money and spring."

Discover for yourself this Experimental Book of Poems

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