16 July 2008

Don't forget to check out my alter-ego, Ra!

Originally posted at Mad Swirl, to whose editor kick ass props are given!


Nice bombs, baby, said the bald chocolatier
Nice head, baldy, said the buxom Japanese babe
Nice babe, bin Laden, said the taxi driver stud
Nice chocolatier, stud, said the movie producer sissy
Nice chains & whips, Master, said the terrorist financer
Nice black markets, Director, said the henchmen pawns
Nice Jihadis, Allah, said the CEOs consolidating profits
Take a break guys, said the buxom Japanese slut
DP me on the boardroom table, she said,
Nice eyes from this page are on us. Don't worry it's art!
Nice jugs, baby, said the CEO & bald chocolatier
The words came out muffled cause their mouths were full of,
as you guessed, the best pressed breasts.

ra! gabriel

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