02 June 2009

Dear Poetry -- a new poem

"Dear Poetry" was published at the Poetry Warrior. I'd like some comments on the photo. It's from my Korean driver's license. The old man who pressed the button told me to take another, but I had to hurry to work. Tell me if it's awesome or horrible. Too convict?

Anyway, back to the point: enjoy the poem. It's my first out in a few months.


Check out your information on the Mayan Sacred Calendar. I studied as a daykeeper about 10 years ago in Guatemala, and it just occurred to me to share some of the information dancing around my cosmic head with my stellar readers. If you've got your mind in the gutter while looking up at the stars (Oscar Wilde-ish) then click the link and see what the Mayab Ajpuob* say about your personality.

*Mayab Ajpuob - the ancient Maya ancestors

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