23 March 2010

Exercising in 2010

Last year I was 10 kilograms lighter and had a six pack -- especially if I flexed my abs. Now I own a bar and drink more than ever, started smoking again, and survived an ugly back surgery that cost be months of exercise and got me in the great habit of watching baseball and ordering two Egg McMuffins from McDonald's delivery every morning. Oh yeah. The good news is that the Yankees won the 2009 World Series, but the bad news is I got out of shape and am trying to get back in shape. I had some great systems for getting in shape a few years ago: the SAS routine and static holds. Now I'm looking for something new and exciting to get me going. I can still deadlift in the neighborhood of 180 kg and can bench press about 100 kg, so I'm not weak, I'm just fat. Here is a great set of exercises to get back in shape. Anybody interested in working out with me at the HUFS gym, check these out and get involved.

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