31 March 2010

Granted my Pronunciation is all Jacked Up, but still

I tried to buy a calla lily and the woman didn't understand "Calla" because she thought, erroneously, that it was "Cala" which with Korean pronunciation sounds quite different -- "r" sound rather than an "l" (\ˈka-rə-\ rather than \ˈka-lə-\). A lot of people mistakenly spell Calla Lily with only one "l" in English and I thought maybe Koreans picked that mistake up, but after checking on naver.com (one of Korea's greatest resources) I found out that simply she was an idiot -- idiots are everywhere, and I commonly find people around here don't know much about their own jobs and fields. To make matters worse when I pointed to the flower in the shop, I touched it. She slapped my hand like you would a schoolchild and said "Don't touch!" and walked away. I was about to spend about 50,000 won buying a dozen of them. Instead I went to a nearby store and bought some. Check out some interesting information about the words below:

calla lily 윅셔너리
1. A common name for certain flowering plants in the genus Zantedeschia; not related to either the genus Calla or the true lilies (Liliaceae)
2. A flower of one of these plants.
calla [kǽlə] play
1. 칼라 ((아프리카 원산의 천남성(天南星)과의 원예 식물))
2. 칼라 ((유럽·북아메리카의 한랭한 늪에 사는 식물))
lily [|lɪli] play

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  1. Agree to that.Stupid people are every where. Don't know what to say or answer even if you just asked them simple question.Working but don't know what really is their job about.Like selling flowers but don't know about flowers ...


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