21 June 2010

Khao San Road and Shit Birds

Backpacker's heaven Khaosan Road in Bangkok, T...Image via Wikipedia
Funny bit about Khao San Road Thailand from wikipedia found while searching google for a photo of the for monks only seating section at Thailand's old Don Muang International Airport:

Khao San Road vagabonds — Braided hair, bead necklace, sarongs, shorts and floppy pants. Either on their way to or just back from the beaches. Dazed and bewildered when torn apart from the familiar surroundings of Khao San Road. All are oblivious to the fact that Thais have a specific name for them -farang kii nok(ฝร่ัังขี้นก) translated as "birdshit Westerner" - due to their unclean & unattractive appearance. The most imperialist and clueless of this lot think that because of their anonymity in a foreign culture, walking around shirtless in public doesn't make them look like a dunce.

Check out the related poem called Bird Shit Westerner inspired by this information. 

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