03 August 2010

Anatomy of a Phone

You think that you have a good grip these days 
Then the phone rings 
Your girlfriend is laughing, smiling 
You hear a male voice coming from some holes beside her ear 
Sound transformed into electrical impulses 
Sent via wires, via satellite, received and then infuriating 
So you walk ahead 
There are two old men with five different plaids between them 
Even a hat one man wears is plaid 
Matching plaids is harder than matching paisleys 
She smiles at this; you didn't realize you were speaking out loud 
Unbeknownst to you you're trying to get her attention 
She wears a baseball cap, a thin jacket over a t-shirt, jeans, 
And a scarf which is wrapped and re-wrapped and wrapped again 
She has hung up now. You say, that's really twisted, pointing 
At her neck. She laughs now. Snuggles against you a moment 
Like a cat in a garbage can, like a mosquito into a light 
Then is gone, paying for a ticket. She blows you a kiss.

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