03 August 2010

The Mosquito’s Improbable Schemes & Dreams

rain chases in droved mosquitoes to

make the living room busy airspace

like Tokyo, London, or New York:

blips darting and blinking on a radar screen

beeping and blinking; chart their around our
ears with that whine,

around planets,
through galaxies

past lakes and baseball fields

parks and their seesaws

people and their sunscreen

girls and their shrieks

paparazzi in the trees.

Then the slaps:

smack! whoooop! krrrrtcchhh!

blood smears, screens

tiny spaces now important

one flies up out of the drain
hovering like a helicopter
(alarming similarity of shape
and function)

with that whine

words themselves are built

of mosquitoes

knowing the name of each thing

makes it real

makes it hold together

not drop into rain

this thing

this language

this virus

this contagion,

transported by mosquito.

Originally published by the now defunct Zygote In My Coffee with this bio:

***BIO*** Ralph-Michael Chiaia--aka RMC, aka Parliament/Ralphadelic, aka the Scruff Daddy, then changed to the In the Buff Daddy (recently changed to Pea Diddy, then Brie Diddy), with his sidekick the Notorious P.O.P.E live on MTV, that'll do: back to the spiel--is a surrealist and realist  writer. He has been compared to Italo Calvino, Julio Cortazar, the Yeti, and The Notorious BIG. Check him at his blog: http://rmchiaia.typepad.com or athttp://litchaos.com/rmc.html where he is an editor.


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