11 January 2011

Quality Comparison

i sit at an italian restaurant
the table wobbles
i sit at a coffee shop
the table wobbles
i buy a coffee table for in front of the TV
it wobbles
i buy two nightstands beside the bed
they both wobble
in the bar, i buy 23 chairs
they all wobble

in New York somebody would say,
"this wobbles, fix it."
here they say, "it was made in China."
the reality is that these wobblers
were all rushed to order in Korea
the Chinese one's are sitting balanced
throughout the US
thanks to a few well-placed matchbooks

1 comment:

  1. Chinese people can make a lot of stuff that is good also.Like almost similar to the real one but cheaper price. But i'd rather buy the real thing that get the fake one that won't last for a long time.


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