12 January 2011

Very Sorry

shitty underground mall
beside the train station
with dim corner liquor store
the kind with the bulletproof glass,
and an A&P.
don't think sexy Updike girls
in nothing but bathing suits
with the straps down,
think ghetto weaves
smell unwashed body
wrapped in newspaper
with whipped cream cans
and vaseline
in his stolen shopping cart

a white teenager and a black teenager
walk into the main hallway

a gang comes right to them
out of the shadows
all ghetto walk and strut
and bumps the white one
knocks him to the ground

a gun is on him, in his face
the first gun he's ever had in his face

"Say you're sorry," says the voice
attached to hand, attached to gun
attached to racing heartbeat

the strings that make the whole marionette go
are in place

"I'm sorry."


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I will say sorry too if there's gun pointing on my face even if i didn't do nothing wrong! Saying sorry can't kill you but gun can! Sorry.


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