01 February 2011

the Ethernet

Now he’s in Korea
(word changes my lowercase to caps, which
i hate, and I click a floating curser which takes me
to a pop up {cunt} box)
now I’ve been totally distracted
by Word’s fucking AutoCorrection--
they should learn to spell!--functions.

this is Korea: too much meddling
the old man making a thousand mistakes
is correct
like Mecca Dilbiarbs, the
you guessed it,
Billiards Club

why? cause he’s old
and that’s that.
not to disrespect the elderly
but being old in itself is not
the thing i look up to--
it's the scope of accomplishment
and the measurement of thought

so I was planning to compare the
I am another yourself me
(the K'iche' daykeeper me)
with the kimchi me
(the bar owner ex-teacher me)
but the essence of me
hasn’t changed at all

I, we, ask: who is me?
that wordy motherfucker with the flat voice?
who do I look like, baby?
yesterday’s fool?
don’t you know I’ll kill you now?

you think I won’t

i had something to say
it floated away
into a pop out window
in the ethernet
leaving me feeling like
i just inhaled eth. . .

1 comment:

  1. After reading this,It made me wanna go back to KOREA!Pop up soju while browsing using their fast internet connection!


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