26 March 2011

First time getting shot

their Humvee is in tow

wind sucks in
not blows
it’s gone
the Humvee in front
bullets rush toward Leon
clack clack clack
he starts rock n rolling
clack clack clack back
the calm sun
hot overhead beams
into Leon’s eyes
he doesn't see
something hit him
he’s still rock n rolling
his friend yanks him down
into the Humvee
now he is lightheaded
the sun closing down on him
blood down his leg
fills his boot

he wakes in
the air vac
he lands and they glue
his side back together

this is the first time
Leon gets shot in Iraq

1 comment:

  1. Hat's off to all the soldier who are brave enough to risk their life.Be away from their family and serve their country. Protecting people without thinking about their own safety.I salute to them!


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