15 June 2012

Dear Curandera de San Francisco, Oaxaca de Juarez, Oaxaca, Mexico

for Joseph Vincent

you are the launch pad
you are the bouncing frog
the mezcalito
you are the water
still and serene on top
with crocodiles blending bush
taking sun
cenotes where virgins were sacrificed
to the Smoking Mirror, god of war and blood
binding the lagoon
to the ocean in tunnels below
you are the wormhole
you are the woman
in braids on bus carrying canasta of mangoes
you are the hummingbird
wings fraying the air
you are like me 
when i bounce
the curandera taught me 
not to lock my knees
when i fly across the expanse
of agaves from Huautla 
to Huajuapan de Leon
to Teotitlan de Valle 
to Yagul

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