01 December 2007

Buy RMC's Collection of Haiku-like and Experimental Poems | Double Chapbook |

47 pages

Limited Edition (37 printed)
Perfect Bound Paperback
$13.95 reduced to $8.00

ISBN: 978-0-9802073-0-9
Coatlism Press (published 17 December 2007)

Book Description:
Ten Poems about East Asia and Kitsch Nebula Ampersands And by Ralph-Michael Chiaia is a book of experimental poems, some of which were published online and many of which appear for the first time in these pages. This book has the simple charm of a haiku mixed with the rant of a Ginsberg poem. Those familiar with Chiaia's work know that his minimal approach speaks in loud primal bass notes. In his first collection of poetry he has sat in with a string quartet and rocked it through stacked Bose speakers.

Book excerpt:

from Terenganu

A gecko scares the hell out of her
I bolt into the bathroom to kill it.
It chews a cockroach.
An old Malay: it’s monsoon season.

from Ode to the & sign

three men sitting drinking tea with both hands
perhaps they are under a tree on a hot August day
or in lines with feet shackled in a jail somewhere

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  1. Ra:

    I just ordered your book.


  2. My book has been discounted to 8 bucks if you're still interested in buying it.


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