The Awesome Power of  a Fully-Operational Mothership

I have always been a big fan of George Clinton, Parliament/Funkadelic, and the P. Funk All-Stars. I was never one of these guys who loved concerts. I didn't wait all day and night to buy tickets, or have my bedroom walls covered with posters of one band, or doodle the names of my favorite bands (well, at least not after I was eleven anyway). I did however have a poster or Bjork on my NYU dorm wall and also a monster poster of Bootsy Collins. Bjork had a guy from her entourage give me posters of her and some other promotional stuff when I sat behind her in a diner on Broadway while trying to come down from an acid trip as calmly as possible, it may have been Cozy Soup and Burger but I can't remember -- I mean it was 1993 for god's sake and I was tripping. I remember I was with my roommate Dave and two girls. We slept for the entire rest of the weekend. The Bootsy Collins and his Rubber Band poster I just ripped of the sides of those construction facades that are all over NYC. The thing was huge and as yellow as a bumble bee. It was gorgeous on my wall. A real point of pride that raised my social standing among the other dorm-dwellers. Somehow, even though I was basically an introverted guy who didn't like concerts. I went to more than fifteen George Clinton and/or some variation of P. Funk All-Stars shows. I saw them in some really nice places too, like the Roseland Ballroom and various NY Supper Clubs. After the shows a few times, they came down into the audience. I enjoyed conversations with Maceo Parker and all the background singers. I had a very sexually charged chat with one of the singers one night and if I wasn't with my current NYU girlfriend and still a morally sound guy I would have ended up inside of her. In other words, if it was now it would have been different. The Awesome Power of  a Fully-Operational Mothership is a state of mind from the P. Funk mythology, the same as the Maggot Brain. These are ideas that I have digested. I want to taste the maggots of the universe. That's why I write. I try to delve in deeper and deeper. Sometimes I go too deep and break the dams down that keep the serotin at bay. I panic. My heart and stomach switch places. I wrestle with infinity and find my self suplexed and choked out. I wake up to a mountain infront of me all scaly and cracked like the dry season is eroding it. As i come to I find that it is my hand. I strive to be part of the awesome power, when the chariot swings down, to ride and be part of the fully operational mothership -- where free thought, common sense, and caring reign.

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