Ampersands (Poems)

You're here because you would like to buy Ralph-Michael Chiaia's first poetry chapbook. You're here because you've heard some of his experimental ramblings and want to hear more. You are in the right place. Follow the link below and buy a copy.

Buy 10 Poems & Ampersands at Amazon

Also, you may want to hear what other people had to say after reading my first book. If that's the case, check out reviews and praise at the book's blog site. If anyone would like to write a review of this book or any other books of mine, just send me an email and i'll send you a free book or a FREE PDF of the book. Also if you want a PDF of the book for any other reason, please email me the reason. I want you to read it and many exchanges can be made.

Also, of course, you can buy the hard copy of the book from me. So please get on contact. See my profile for email address.

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